PELICAN 9500-000-110 6,000-Lumen 3-LED Shelter Lighting System

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PELICAN 9500-000-110 6,000-Lumen 3-LED Shelter Lighting System
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The 9500 Shelter Lighting System provides shelters with safe, secure and silent interior lighting. The 9500 contains three LED light heads equipped with both white and red LEDs allowing for maximum visibility or, if needed, preservation of night vision. Each light head produces 2,000 lumens 6,000 total of white light and 400 lumens of red light 1,200 total. The system is extremely rugged and deploys quickly. It contains three red white LED light heads, universal transformer, inline switch, fixing straps for easy mounting and a series of color coded industrial grade connecting cables. The light heads are linked together and secured via hanging straps inside the shelter accommodation. The light color red or white is selected via an inline switch and each light head can be independently switched on or off. The lighting system can be powered by a variety of sources including 110-240v AC wall power as well as 12-30v DC options. Unlike conventional glass light tubes, the 9500 light heads are virtually indestructible.

Brand: Pelican
SKU: PLO9500
UPC: 019428092900
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