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WHISTLER WJS-4000 MEGA WJS-4000 Portable Jump Starter

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WHISTLER WJS-4000 MEGA WJS-4000 Portable Jump Starter
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Whistler WJS-4000 Mega Portable Jump Starter


Whistler's MEGA WJS-4000 Portable Jump Starter is for use on a wide range of 12-volt, single-battery vehicles. So whether you own a 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder car, truck or SUV, or a boat, motorcycle, garden tractor or ATV, this jump starter is for you It provides multiple jumps on a single charge. And not only does it have two USB ports for charging smart devices, it also has a 19.1V port with a special cable and adapter tips to charge notebooks and tablets The convenient size makes it easy to store in a toolbox, console or glove compartment.

UPC: 052303407666
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