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Bird-B-Gone RTH1 Hawk Decoy

Bird-B-Gone RTH1 Hawk Decoy
This Bird-B-Gone RTH1 Bird-B-Gone Hawk Decoy is a life size Hawk Decoy ideal for protecting open outdoor spaces such as backyards and gardens and is the first Hawk decoy available for deterring birds. Because Hawks hunt during the day, they are more recognizable as a predator than owls decoys.
BuyUS $14.99

Bird-B-Gone Railing Mount f/ Repeller 360deg and Bird Spiders - MMRLMNT

Bird-B-Gone Railing Mount f/ Repeller 360deg and Bird Spiders - MMRLMNT
The Bird-B-Gone MMRLMNT Railing Mount works with the Repeller 360 ° and the Bird Spiders to attach to boat rails and other applications. The Railing Mount is easily attached to railings sizes 1" to 1.86" thick, simply tighten the screw until secure. The Railing Mount is ideal to use with the Repeller 360 °, Bird Spider and Bird Spider 360 ° to keep birds from landing on boat rails, pole fences and other applications.
BuyUS $19.49

Bird-B-Gone Solar Bird Repeller - RPLR-SLR1

Bird-B-Gone Solar Bird Repeller - RPLR-SLR1
The Bird-B-Gone RPLR-SLR1 Solar Bird Repeller is a solar powered bird deterrent that uses continuous motion to prevent large pest birds from landing. Rotating "arms " mounted on top of the unit sweep birds off boats.
BuyUS $89.99