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Are you losing sleep?

A few ways your mattress might be affecting your sleep and how to fix it.
Mon, September 26th, 2016

Like it or not, we're spending roughly 8 hours per day sleeping and that accounts for 33% of our lives that can be a bliss or a nightmare depending on a few factors. We're not going to cover them all, but the following cases are all related to the mattress on which we sleep.

Sleep is a very important factor of our lives and if we treat it with indifference it might impact our health as well.

How does the mattress have an impact on our sleep?


Allergies are a factor known to impact our sleep and our health. It's a proven fact that a few million people, in America only, are allergic to micro-organisms that reside in our bed. You may be wondering why they are there and how do they get there. The simplest explanation is that the longer you use your mattress, the bigger the quantity of dead cells from you body are ending up in the mattress and those cells are the main course for these microscopic creatures. Often washing of the sheets and pillow cases will slow down the process but in time your mattress becomes the main attraction for this tiny creatures. Vacuuming the mattress will help with prolonging it's life but in the end if you are more and more bothered by allergies it's a clear sign that you need a new mattress.

Blood flow

Blood flow is another factor that can affect our sleep. When lying down on any side, pressure applied by the body weight is causing poor blood flow resulting in oxygen and nutrients not reaching the affected parts. The body will react to this stimuli and the brain will decide that is time to roll over. By rolling over the blood flow is being restored but at the same time sleep is going on pause. Sleeping on a hard mattress this could occur multiple times during the night so when it's time to wake up we might feel like we never slept. The solution would be a mattress that's designed to reduce the pressure points on your body while being asleep increasing the comfort and decreasing the need to roll over.


Lying on a mattress too much during the day, for watching TV, reading, working or blogging can send the wrong signals to the brain and in time the sleep mechanism might be getting a bit off. As a result, when it's time to actually go to bed it might take a bit longer for the brain to give the "night night" signals as it might be understanding that it's time to answer emails or type a new post on a blog.

These are just a few facts that we gathered here about sleep and it's relation to the mattress. In the case you find yourself in front of the task of buying a new mattress because of a sleeping disorder of just because you got bored with the old one, we'd like to present you a wide selection of mattresses that could be the perfect fit for your blissful slumber to get you ready and energized for every upcoming day.

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