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Wed, April 26th, 2017

Looking for the online best price on individual products, it could be very frustrating and time-consuming, due to the fact that many e-commerce stores, as well as brick and mortar stores, are constantly providing special rebates and sales incentives in order to attract more shoppers, or trying to increase the loyalty of their active customers, and many times they use different marketing strategies such as e-mail marketing to their active customer database, direct mailing in the specific postal codes, magazines, flyers, other websites, radio announcements, and other means accessible to small and medium business, or if we are talking about already established brand names with deep pockets, they are able to promote their products by all channels, including prime time television ads on well known television networks, professional videos promoted on online massive traffic sites, or even articles providing more information about specific items, new released products, or a preview of the upcoming new products. So the question is how do we smart shop in this modern age where the information is very much available from the comfort of our home, or even our smart devices, while we are at work or on the move. In order to save money, online shoppers are using few known methods that help identify the best price, so let's see the difference between some of those available tools and compare them with the latest Smart Price Drop Alert feature exclusively available on

Shop & Save Coupons

Coupon codes are very popular in the online shopping world, as well as the coupons are in brick & mortar stores, and whether you’re looking for a cheap favor shop coupon code or a big supply shop coupon, they provide specific discounts that sometimes are valid on the entire store, other times will discount specific products, or a specific category of products, even will offer free shipping.
In general coupon codes are online discount sales incentives that provide a certain % discount or $ discount in order to attract new customers, or to increase the sales volume of specific products that the online store might have in their stock for a long period of time, or might have purchased too many and they have to carry a heavy stock that in many cases it could become costly due to the fact that large amounts of money are blocked in those inventories.
Discount coupons are also different in the way they discount the products. We can find promo codes that provide a certain percentage no matter of the amount of the purchase, other times they apply the discount only with a minimum purchase amount, or only with a purchase of multiple products. There are also BOGO sales coupon codes, for example, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, or Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off, and depending of the promotional sale, you might have to purchase 2 or more the same products, or other BOGO sales, will let you combine 2 or more different products in order to get the specific discount. Since many shoppers are very much concentrating on the $ or % discounts when they’re searching for those coupons, in many cases they forget to look if free shipping promo codes are available, and this is a big mistake, especially if you’re looking to buy heavier products such as televisions, appliances, furniture, or anything that would cost a significant amount of money to be shipped to you. Also, promo codes that provide Free Shipping & Free Returns must not be ignored. Imagine that you purchase a pair of shoes at 10% off the retail price, but when you get them and try them on, they’re just not the way you want and you would like to exchange them or simply send them back and get refunded,… so if you used a free shipping & free return coupon code, or promotional sale at the time of the purchase, you will not have to spend money to ship them back, the retailer would support the cost, and in many cases, this would value more than the 10% you got as discount on the sale price. So, what is the inconvenience of discount coupon codes?

In reality, coupon codes are still one of the most efficient methods to save money when shopping online, but even by using them, you’re still not sure if you have the best price for the product you are buying. There might be another big supply shop that provides the same product at a lower price than the store you want to purchase the product with a discount coupon. In fact, it will always be hard to make sure that the product you are buying has 100% the best price. However, the biggest issue with discount coupon codes is how we monitor them and know when they become available, or when they expire. In many cases, coupon sites, will still display expired coupon codes, that we have no use for. Since the purpose of a promo code is to use-it in order to get a discount on a specific product, a price monitor tool that would indicate specific coupons for specific products was necessary, and Shoppingmule just developed this.

Coupons & Price Drop Alert Smart Price Monitor

In many cases e-commerce stores or shopping platforms will provide a price drop alert feature, that notifies a price reduction for the product you subscribe to. This feature is helpful if you are a patient shopper because you never know if or when the price will drop, or if any other discount code can be applied to that product to get an additional price reduction. In some cases, the price will not drop, but you might benefit from a free shipping promotional sale, combined with a lower price, the only thing is to know when to combine them, since in many situations, those promotional sales don’t last for a very long time, and you might miss the opportunity to purchase your product at the best-discounted price. Another inconvenient of this feature is that you always have to watch your e-mail inbox since you can’t really create a shopping list of the products you want to buy, where you can monitor them at all times.

The best Smart Price Monitor that will identify coupon codes & price drop on specific products in the same time, you’ll find it here on Shoppingmule. This feature allows you to set a price drop alert on an unlimited number of products that you want to purchase, and it will notify you of any price reduction, or any available coupon code that might be applicable to that specific product. For instance, you will be notified if the price drops, or if a promo code that would apply a discount or provide free shipping becomes available. The advantage of this special feature, is that you can visualize and monitor the price on multiple products at the same time and the price is verified few times a day, so we make sure that you benefit of the best promotional sale incentive that becomes available, so you can get the desired products at the best possible price. In your dashboard, you can see all products that you have chosen, without forgetting them, or save multiple links that you have to check, or trying to remember where was the product, in order to see if is cheaper. You can also add/delete products at all times, so after you purchase a product, you can simply delete it with a single click, and no notifications for that product will be sent to you anymore, or if you want to purchase other products when they are on sale, just find them on Shoppingmule and set a price drop alert for them. The price monitor will start working right away, and this is what we call a smart shopping list. This feature is free for everyone, so, if you want to save time and money when looking for the best price on any product available on Shoppingmule, just create your Free Smart Price Monitor account that will allow you to save money and enjoy discounts on millions of products.

Smart Shopping List vs Price Comparison

One of the very well known method of verifying the price of a specific item, and still used by many online shoppers, are comparison shop engines, that provide users with more options of purchasing the same, or similar product from different online stores, by comparing the price between multiple stores, of course where is possible. In fact, many times the products are similar and not exactly the same, since not every store will name a product identical to another store, so in many cases is quite difficult to identify identical products. But even if you get the same product for a different price at multiple online stores, and many times the difference in price is quite significant, how can we be convinced that this is the best price? In fact, is not guaranteed that the lowest price shown is the best price, is just a comparison between different online stores and prices available for that product at a specific time. For that matter smart and patient online shoppers will use those comparison shop sites, and then continue to search for different online stores where they might be able to find the same product at a cheaper price, and in some cases trying to find additional discount coupons or promo codes that would provide some more rebate or free shipping. Even is a good method to save some money, the biggest problem with this way of shopping is that takes quite a bit of time to research and find the cheapest price for what you want to buy, especially when you’re looking to purchase multiple products in different categories.

In conclusion, keep in mind that the most effective way to get the best price on any product when shopping online, is to find the desired product on sale at already discounted price and combine it with a coupon code for free shipping or additional discount. As an example here you’ll be able to find Free Online Coupon Codes from hundreds of online stores that could be very easily selected by category of your interest or simply by your favorite online store.