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How To Buy And Wear Beach Sarongs

Fri, May 19th, 2017

A traditional sarong used for a religious event may be a different pattern and colorful sarong used for the beach. A traditional pairing intended more formal is often more than a pareo for occasional use on the beach or pool.

Sarongs are often made from cotton, silk or rayon. Some sarongs are a combination of two tissues. The softness of the sarong can vary depending on what percentage of cotton. A lightweight material such as cotton can work better if you use a sarong as a cover-up beach.

There are numerous models of pareo. Floral patterns are very popular, especially for beachwear. Celtic designs and animal prints are also common. More complex and expensive sarongs, with intricate detailed drawings can also be purchased.

Traditional sarongs worn by men and women in Asian countries are usually the length of the floor. Sarongs sold in the US Are of different lengths. Although floor lengths are sold, pareos popular styles include the knee and those found above the knee.

Length is not the only factor to consider the amount of coverage you have with a pairing. Some styles have a cleft in the side, revealing more of the leg. Other types wrap completely around the lower half of the body, without a slit, providing greater coverage. Note some sarongs you can tie just under the arms and wear as dress.

Some are meant to be attached, either on the side or at the front. Sarongs are intended for more formal occasions, can be fixed with a belt or turned on.

The type of fabric, length and all details determine the cost. Sarongs that are crafted and have intricate details, such as pearls, will cost more than a sarong made from cheaper material with few details.

2017 Fashion Tips For Wearing A Sarong
With measures ranging from 90 to 120 centimeters wide by 180 centimeters high, the sarongs are distinguished by their colorful patterns. Tropical flowers, geometric shapes and sailors are the most popular designs in clothing; Which varies between light textiles such as cotton, and the most luxurious, such as silk.

A double knot on one of your shoulders will allow you to look splendid in the morning or afternoon; As the fabric will cascade down to your ankles. Now, to go according to the silhouette, we recommend swimsuits strapless.

Loose skirt
Undoubtedly, it is the most common way to wear a sarong. If it is very long, you can fold it in half and attach the two ends to the height of your hips. As accessories, we recommend long necklaces or a set of maxi bracelets. Loose skirt - Sarong

The versatility of these sarongs seems to be unlimited. Another of the more striking styles is the " side slit dress ", which reveals part of your figure, while still being glamorous.

To replicate this look, pass the fabric under your arms, as if it were a towel, and see it tied it on the bust, navel and hips. Then turn to the side and go. A fedora and a mirror lens will be all the accessories you'll need.

You do not have to just wear a sarong with swimming trunks. You can also wear them with white sleeveless shirts and a pair of sandals with pompoms for a family outing.