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Best price with coupons

Still strong in 2017 - Part 1
Mon, May 22nd, 2017

Best Price with Online Coupon Codes Still Strong in 2017
From the old time when most people were waiting to get the publicity bag with discount coupons and sales offers on their doorstep and then to go through every page to cut-out the desired store coupons before they head out shopping, to this day they still exist. Small and big retailers are still providing the weekly print-out flyers as part of their marketing strategy, for the select few that still use them to try saving on everything they buy and sometimes even to get merchandise for free. Even if this method of saving money will save you some bucks, it requires a good amount of time, from finding the coupon to printing and finally going to the store. But, nowadays with the rapid advance of technology and a huge online presence of a large majority of existing stores, the coupon code seems to be more appealing to a large and still growing audience, especially to those preferring to do their shopping online.

Coupon Codes a Comfortable Discount Convenience
Since many years ago, when online shopping was on the rise, sellers were pushing the limits trying to find new, different marketing methods in order to boost their sales to get ahead of the competition which was getting rougher with every passing day. As technology advanced, the online store was born and the coupon code became the online version of the original coupon and along with the benefit of saving money for your purchases you also get a faster, easier method to shop, saving also some of your precious time. The popularity of the coupon code arose fast among shoppers and since it's birth it has proven that consumers tend to purchase more if discounts are available, this being in fact what retailers want. Unless there is a unique product with high desirability that doesn’t need a discount in order to be sold in high volume, every store including big brands must come up with ideas to keep their customer base, and increase it all the time. And truth be told, these days, unique products are not really that many as in this high competitive market products are being copied, replicated to a pretty high percentage of functionality, even look so they rapidly lose that attribute of unicity. At this point the fight becomes a question of price, production cost, marketing cost and finally the selling price.

Different Types of Discount Coupons
In general, coupon codes offer a discount on a product or an entire order, also they can offer a free shipping deal or savings on your next purchase. Smart retailers will limit the time period of a discount coupon for a certain period of time or even few hours in a specific day and they do that in order to increase their sales at specific times or on specific products that might be in stock for too long or for products that don’t sell for the price they initially taught they will. In other cases, online shops will just discount specific products or even entire product categories without the use of a discount code, simply reducing the price. But with so many online stores, those offers are very easy to miss as it would require quite some time for the shopper to find the best deal for a product that could be offered by 10 online stores. So, if you’re looking to save on a specific product on Amazon, or Overstock for example, you might be able to get a good deal, but you might miss a better deal from another store for the same or a similar product. Luckily there are some online applications that offer a price monitoring tool to come to the shoppers aid.

More about price monitoring tools coming soon in part two of our story.