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Easy Way to Peel Apples

Painless, without the risk of cuts on your fingers
Sun, July 16th, 2017

There are many recipes that require peeled apples, including apple crunch and apple pie. To learn how to peel apples, follow the instructions below.

Easy Way to Peel Apples:

  1. You can peel an apple with a sharp knife or you could use an apple peeler. Although some prefer to use a kitchen knife, they may be more likely to cut themselves.
  2. Select a good, sharp knife. Just keep the apple in one hand and the peeling knife in the other. Starting at the top of the apple, gently cut into the apple until it is below the skin. Slowly move the apple around a circle, keeping the knife under the skin. Turn the apple until you have removed all the skin from the top to the bottom.
  3. Use an apple peeler to peel apples if you have any safety issues. Using an apple peeler takes only five or six seconds to have a peeled apple, but the perfection will come with practice. Before using the peeler, remove the core of the apple with an apple corer. This allows you to insert a finger into the apple as you hold it. Your grip will be safer.
  4. Keep the apple in one hand, with your finger inside, and the apple peeler on the other side. Begin at the center of the apple and peel the skin away, moving from the center to the bottom. Continue around the block until you have peeled all the bottom half.
  5. Flip the apple over and put your finger in the heartless center. Now the medium that still has the shell is at the bottom. Move around the apple again, peeling from the center towards the bottom. After you have gone all the way around the apple will be completely peeled.

How do apple peelers work?

An apple peeler works by turning a hand lever that rotates a post - which is parallel to the table - with three teeth on the end to hold the apple. The stirring movement moves the apple forward towards a leaf that peels the skin of the apple. Fixing the apple with three teeth at the end of the rotation pole is the first step in peeling an apple. The prongs are inserted into one end of the apple.
Rotation occurs when the hand lever is started. When the lever is started, the pole rotates and moves the apple forward toward the peeling blade. As the apple moves forward, the peeling blade is able to remove the skin from the apple in a fluid motion.
The peeling blade is typically a rounded enclosed blade perpendicular to the peeler of a spring. The spring allows the blade to cut the shell of the apple, but also move along the curvature of the apple. Spring and working together for sharp blade only scratch the skin and do not gnaw the apple.

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