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How To Use An Apple Peeler, Slicer And Corer

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Mon, July 17th, 2017

In a previous post we suggested using an apple peeler instead of a knife to peel apples or other similar fruits. Why? Could be for avoiding finger cuts, which we all dislike or simply to finish the job of peeling much faster. We re-open the subject by getting a bit more into details on how to use apple peelers and also slicers and corers.

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Among a range of fascinating tools for cooks to your kitchen or hardware supply, you will find various tools designed for peeling and slicing of apples. Since many recipes are made with peeled or sliced ??apples and all require you to remove the core, you can use one of these ingenious tools or cut, quarter, shell and core with a kitchen knife.

Peeling or slicing apples with a machine could be a bit of luxury, but we could still improve it: this high-end apple peeler will make you enjoy it as never before, while you look at that fruit that we all like so much. Thick or thin skin, with or without peel, and all sliced ??pulp; More of a variant that will not be a problem for your apple peeler, slicer and corer.

How To Use an Apple Peeler
Peelers can be a separate tool or part of the corer, running along the blade. Pull the peeler along the surface of the skin until it snaps and simply peels around or up and down until the outer surface is removed. If a peeling knife is used, rub the back of the knife along the area to be peeled to loosen the skin before beginning. This separates the flesh and skin, conserving more of the vitamins that are found near the skin.

How To Use an Apple Slicer
If you have to cut the apple pie for one, but do not need to peel it, try using an apple slicer. This steel sheet kernels tools and slices an apple. Make sure the end of the stem is directly above the end of the kernel flower before beginning.

How To Use an Apple Corer
Most apple picks have a handle with a slot (peeler) that runs along one side of the barrel-shaped corer. Since most apples are not perfectly formed, care should be taken to support the apple so that the stem on top of the apple is directly above the end of the flower at the bottom. Insert the point into the barrel-shaped extractor on the top of the block so it surrounds the stem. Once the apple is aligned and the blade is properly positioned, rotate the blade down, rotating it around the core as it moves forward, the core should pull to the right with the tool while pulling it, like a cork using a Cork extractor

Peelers are usually crisp and are designed to take only the skin of something as susceptible as potato or thick skin like an apple. They should usually be used only on firm fruits or vegetables. Whether you peel around or up and down the side of the apple does not really matter but what you do with the peel does. They make great additions of compost.

These tools have sharp edges and a point. Clean and store immediately after use. Putting cores filled with seeds by a garbage disposal might shake a little, but putting the shells down could stall if the shells get stuck between the blades.