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Bowens BW-4805USDAP Gemini 500R Studio Electronic Flash Umbrella Case Kit Black

Bowens BW-4805USDAP Gemini 500R Studio Electronic Flash Umbrella Case Kit Black
Now featuring PocketWizard compatibility the best-selling Gemini 500R professional flash lighting kit contains everything you need to start shooting portraiture in the studio and with the addition of an optional Travelpak battery Bowens studio quality lighting can go anywhere. Of course like all Bowens kits the 500R kit offers exceptional value for money. Bowens standard features such as fast recycling (1.3 sec) and short flash durations (1/900s) are all here as well as a full 5 stop flash power range (500Ws-15Ws) digitally controlled by twin dials one for stops and the other for 1/10th stop precision control. A switch controls the bright 250W modelling lamp which can be set to 'Full' (100%) 'Proportional' (with the flash power) 'User Defined' or 'Off' as desired. Each Gemini 500R flash head features a slot to plug in an optional PocketWizard BowensGEM Receiver Module or Pulsar Radio Receiver Card. This kit includes two 36" Silver/White Umbrellas perfect for portraiture and many still-life applications. The black cover can be simply unclipped and easily removed to leave just the white diffuser you can then 'shoot through' the umbrella like a softbox. Kit Includes: 2 x Gemini 500R 2 x 36" Umbrella 2 x Wide-Angle Reflector 2 x Lighting Support Stand 1 x Trolley Case. Plus Lamps Cables and Sync Cord.
BuyUS $1,099.99