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American Coin Treasures 11599 Railroad Commemorative Stamp Collection

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American Coin Treasures 11599 Railroad Commemorative Stamp Collection
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Take a journey through the history of the railroad by way of United States Postage Stamps. A 1952 three cent stamp honors the 125 year anniversary of the B & O Railroad. The B & O Railroad was chartered by merchants hoping to extend their trade into the western United States.

Remembered as the nation's first common carrier the B & O received it's name from the original starting point Baltimore and it's intended final destination the Ohio River. Continue your ride to Chicago's Union Station where on May 20 1982 the two cent stamp was unveiled honoring the 1870s steam locomotive with it's funnel-shaped smokestack.

The Transcontinental Railroad was honored in 1944 75 years after the last spike was driven into the ground. Promontory Summit Utah the year 1869 delivered the last spike of the Transcontinental to join the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroad companies.

Ride the rail from Utah to Cleveland Ohio August 26 1999 and get aboard the Daylight and 20th Century Limited luxury passenger train 33 cent stamps. The final stop on the journey honors the 1880s Handcar by way of the 1983 three cent stamp. Stamps are secure in a vinyl pocket folder measuring approximately 6 by 4 inches. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

  • Genuine US Stamps
  • Mint Stamps Commemorate the History of the Railroad and the Train
  • Protective Vinyl Wallet
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimension - 6 x 0.13 x 4 in.
  • Item Weight - 0.25 lbs.

Shipping: $10.45
Condition: new
UPC: 056132115990
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