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Willow Tree Patience Figurine

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Willow Tree Patience Figurine
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The Willow Tree Patience Figurine is an incredible keepsake gift your special recipient will treasure for years to come, reflecting the long treasured sentiment, "Love is patient, love is kind," with it's rich coloring and alluring lines. A beautiful wooden figurine, crafted in the Willow Tree style we have come to know and love, depicts a woman patiently sitting on a rustic rock with a knowing disposition that only the best is coming her way, to create a memorable and sentimental gift. The perfect plan to express your love and affection, this figurine is set to make an excellent thank you or thinking of you gift. Measures 7-inches in height.

SKU: C431
Shipping: $15.99
Condition: new
Size/Purity (Volume in oz., fl oz., grams, karats, etc):N/A
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