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Fun Costumes Lion Costumes Products

Lion Costume - Child Storybook Lion Costume
Child Storybook Lion Costume
He s the most feared animal in the jungle but also the cutest! Wrapped up in one big, cuddly package, this Lion ain t lyin when it comes to being the most soft-hearted mammal in the kingdom. And sure, sometimes courage can be hard to come by, but who can blame him? When you live in a land of magical creatures, ...
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Lion Costume - Child Lion Costume
Child Lion Costume
At some point, nature decided that the mighty lion was the king of the jungle. Well, that s a little silly, since lions mostly live in the middle of the Savannah except for those few Asian forest lions, but we re pretty sure that nature was talking about the African lion. Thing is, that is a lot of pressure for a ...
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Lion Costume - Lovable Lion Costume for a Child
Lovable Lion Costume for a Child
Pride and JoyThere's nothing ferocious about this little lion—he's all cuddles! But don't tell him that. He wants to be the king of the jungle (which is a funny title if you think about it, because lions don't actually live in ...but ...). He's got goals: to rule the school. To become top dog. ...
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Lion Costume - Lion Children Costume
Lion Children Costume
Trust Us, We Ain't Lion!Most people don’t know this but lions love candy! Everybody thinks they prefer a diet consisting of mainly antelopes or zebras but they actually have quite the sweet tooth. This Halloween you can help a lion get his fill in treats when you take your kiddo around the block in this Lion ...
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