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HORIZON FITNESS Treadmills Products

Treadmill - AFG 31AT Treadmill, Gray
AFG 31AT Treadmill, Gray
Get a Great Workout That's Gentle on Joints The AFG 3.1AT treadmill features Active Response cushioning system to help protect your knees and joints with comfort and shock absorption. Your workout doesn't have to wake up the whole house. The 2.75 hp continuous-duty motor is whisper-quiet at any speed, whether you'...
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BuyUS $799.88
Treadmill - AFG 33AT Treadmill, Black
AFG 33AT Treadmill, Black
Jog, Walk or Run on the AFG 3.3AT Treadmill Whether you want to go on a stroll, for a light jog or an all-out sprint, the 3.3AT Treadmill delivers all the variety you need. This treadmill features both custom and built-in workout programs to help you strategically work toward your fitness goals. The pulse grips ...
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BuyUS $899.99
Treadmill - AFG 53 AT Treadmill, Black
AFG 53 AT Treadmill, Black
Enjoy High-Performance Running on the AFG 5.3 AT Treadmill Don't let foul weather get in the way of a run with the AFG 5.3 AT Treadmill . If you're a serious runner, then this is the treadmill for you. The 60 belt delivers ample room to really stretch out your stride. Combined with superior cushioning, you'll have ...
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BuyUS $1,056.99
Treadmill - AFG 71 AT Treadmill, Gray
AFG 71 AT Treadmill, Gray
From the Club to Your Home Take the fitness club home with you with this AFG 7.1AT treadmill. Perfect for highly active users, this treadmill fits right in at home, but gives you the kind of workout you'd expect to get at that fancy athletic club down the road. Whether you're running around the majestic Grand ...
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BuyUS $1,699.99