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General Information - ShoppingMule

General Information - ShoppingMule

Updated: March 25th, 2017


About ShoppingMule

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ShoppingMule gathers in one online platform, merchendise from a large number of online stores where you can find anything in terms of shopping.
Coupons, coupon codes and other ways to save on your purchase are also gathered and matched to products so all you need to do is look for a product and use whatever saving method available for that item.
New: Now we have group deals that will give you the oportunity to create your deal when you want it.

Who is selling the products?

All products published on ShoppingMule are property of the online store that's being advertised on this web site.
Therefore none of the products are being sold or shipped by ShoppingMule.

What products can I find on ShoppingMule?

Short answer. Almost anything.
A more detailed answer would be, from automotive to clothing & apparel, to books, to vacation deals, to digital materials and so much more. Feel free to visit out Sitemap or our complete list of categories.

More information can be found in the F.A.Q. section or simply ask us directly by using our Contact us form.



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How do I find products?

To find a product on ShoppingMule is easy. The first solution is to use the search engine that you see on every page at the top. If by some reason you don't find a match that satisfies you, there are other alternatives.

If the search result is empty, you could navigate through the top menu categories, stores and brands to browse for the product you desire or a similar product.

What's Price Drop Alert?

We have a whole section here, explaining what is it and how you could use it to your benefit.

Do I need a coupon to avoid the shipping charges?

In some cases you might need to use the free shipping code provided in the description of the promotion other times the shipping cost is paid by the store. Check promotions carefully!

What else can I do on ShoppingMule?

Beside the part in which you could find product from hundreds of stores (and that number will only increase) in one single place:

  • A little tool that we hope you'll find usefull called "Price Drop Alert"
    to keep the shopper informed on price drops, new coupons applicable for products wanted to be purchased,
    but not quite yet because the price is too high
  • We're also constantly writing new articles on our blog about things that we think the shopper would like giving new insight on certain topics.

I can't find my question here

No problem. We welcome you to address any question or issue via our contact page and we'll gladly get back to you with an answer or a solution, depending on the case.


What is Price Drop Alert?

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On several pages there's a button that says: "Set Price Drop Alert" just like the one in the photo above.

The price drop alert is a tool that comes to the shoppers' aid for the purpose of knowing when the price/s of a selected product or multiple products is going down. The user selects the product, ShoppingMule is going to monitor the price and if any change occurs it's going keep the shopper informed.

More than that, ShoppingMule will also inform the shopper if a coupon code or deal that would cut the price will be issued by the vendor of that item.

In order to be able to utilize this function you need to be registered. The registration process is really simple, it only requires a username (email address) and a password.
The reason we need you to provide an email address is for us to be able to send notices for the price change.

Once you are registered and your email has been verified you'll have access to a panel that you can use to manage your saved products for the price drop and other basic settings like updating your name, nickname if you want to use one and also the way you want to receive emails from ShoppingMule.
The name and nickname are optional but usefull especialy when we try to send messages to your inbox. Having your name alongside your email address will decrease the chances of that email ending in the spam/junk folder.

We're also using the most popular social tools on the internet, like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Reddit to be able to deliver news fast and to all our followers.

So to keep yourself informed about deals and other news don't forget to follow us on any of these social platforms.