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Island Dogs Flasks Products

Flask - Functional Belt Buckle Flask
Functional Belt Buckle Flask
This is a . Functioning Belt Buckle Flask.
BuyUS $14.99
Flask - Bible Flask
Bible Flask
Hair of the dogWe are good people. At least we try to be. But sometimes we get a little tipsy. We get a ...hung over. We need something to keep us going, especially so early in the morning on Sunday. We've tried everything to get rid of our early morning hang over, but nothing works. Nothing except a little ...
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BuyUS $14.99
Flask - Donut Flask
Donut Flask
Everyone loves doughnuts! If you don't ... wow, you can just leave. Although, the sad thing about doughnuts is they are pretty much only acceptable to eat in the morning. Once noon hits, the only people that can really get away with having these delicious baked goods are cops and cartoon dads with skin ...
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BuyUS $19.99
Monkey Costume - Banana Flask
Banana Flask
How to Drink a BananaYou might be thinking to yourself, "Whoa, that's crazy. You can't drink a banana." We're here to tell you that you can, and we're not just talking about making a fruit smoothie (although banana smoothies ARE quite delicious). We'll show you how!First off, it's impossible to drink a real banana ...
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BuyUS $19.99
Flask - Humorous Bible Flask
Humorous Bible Flask
Dehydration is no joke. One second you’re just whooping it up, having a good time in church and the next second, you keel over dead because you didn’t drink enough fluids that day. It’s totally true (it’s not). We heard that it happened to a friend of a friend once (maybe it was just ...
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BuyUS $14.99
Flask - Simpsons Donut Flask
Simpsons Donut Flask
Have you ever tried to drink a donut? Something tells us that the laws of physics just won’t allow that. You see, donuts are a solid and the human body just wasn’t designed to drink solid foods very well. You might be able to make some kind of donut smoothie… but we don’t recommend that! ...
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BuyUS $19.99