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Pearl Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify, and Select Pearls & Pearl Jewelry

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Pearl Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify, and Select Pearls & Pearl Jewelry
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The book tells you everything you need to know about pearls to fully understand and appreciate them, and avoid any unexpected (and costly) disappointments, now and in future generations. This easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, practical resource covers: the rich history and romance surrounding pearls; differences between natural, cultured, and imitation pearls: what they are, how they differ, and how to tell them apart; how to judge pearl quality, with tips on how to see differences with the naked eye; comparisons of all types of pearls, in every size and colour, from every pearl producing country in the world; what to guard against: artificial enhancements and misrepresentation; how to wear and care for pearls; pearl prices: from affordable to astronomical; magnificent pearl jewellery -- conversations with the world's leading jewellers; exclusive interviews with the world's leading pearl experts, who offer 'insider' insights and advice; important resource information, including sample lab reports, a pearl glossary, and more.

SKU: 4167259
Author: Newman, Renee
ISBN: 9780929975351
Book Publisher: International Jewelry Publications
UPC: 9780929975351
Size/Purity (Volume in oz., fl oz., grams, karats, etc):N/A
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