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Levo II Smart Oil Infuser Black

Levo II Smart Oil Infuser Black
LEVO is passionate about creating and discovering natural paths to wellness. They are helping you do more yourself with the incredible Levo II Smart Oil Infuser. You can infuse numerous fresh ingredients with your favorite oils and butters to optimize the benefits from wholesome natural herbs and infusions. Herbal infusion has been utilized for centuries and has finally been made easy with a super easy system that fits right on your countertop. Create a myriad of recipes from marinades to lip balms and share your creations around the world with other infusion lovers thanks to the LEVO App. Changing the GameThe LEVO II Smart Oil Infuser is revolutionizing and streamlining the infusion process. Gone are the days of hour s long infusion and messy kitchens. Now you can enjoy a quick and clean infusion process with ease thanks to the 3 setting app controlled LEVO II. The Dry and Active cycles help you to unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before the infusion begins. Healthier LivingWhile the process of herbal infusion has been around for centuries the practice of homemade infusion has gained more and more popularity in recent years. While most infusions happen behind the scenes of your favorite restaurants or skin care brands Levo is helping bring this typically long and messy process right to your kitchen. Gone are the days of messes and long wait times for your homemade infusions. With the LEVO II your natural and healthy home infusions are just the push of a button away. The infuser doesn t have any solvents additives or emulsifiers so you always get a healthy and natural infusion. Stay ConnectedThe Levo II Smart Infuser has WiFi connectivity so that you can save share and monitor your creations via the LEVO app for Android or iOS. Share your own recipes or pick up new ones. The growing community of LEVO users is ready to share their creations with the world just like you.
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