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Lisle Engine Parts Products

Engine Part - Lisle 2-1/8 To 5 Ring Compressor
Lisle 2-1/8 To 5 Ring Compressor
Brand: Lisle
Spring clutch eliminates ratchet problems Clutch assures a proper fit on the piston and a positive...
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BuyUS $13.95
Engine Part - Lisle Carburetor Adjusting Tool
Lisle Carburetor Adjusting Tool
Brand: Lisle
For adjusting idle/mixture screws on many GM and Chrysler vehicles with carburetors. Includes ...
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BuyUS $14.95
Engine Part - Lisle Thermostat Gasket Cleaner
Lisle Thermostat Gasket Cleaner
Brand: Lisle
Cleans All Hard To Reach Gasket Surfaces. Use with a die grinder to quickly clean gasket surfaces on...
More details
BuyUS $19.95
Engine Part - Lisle Stone-Type Glaze Breaker
Lisle Stone-Type Glaze Breaker
Brand: Lisle
Full 2 to 7 Range 50.8 - 177.8mm. Controlled pressure assures positive adjustable contact through...
More details
BuyUS $23.95
Engine Part - Dual Overhead Cam Lock Tool
Dual Overhead Cam Lock Tool
Brand: Lisle
Locks Camshaft Sprockets in Place During Belt / Chain Replacement. This versatile tool easily locks and...
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BuyUS $34.95
Engine Part - Lisle Universal Cam Adjuster
Lisle Universal Cam Adjuster
Brand: Lisle
Adjusts to Fit Different Sized Cam Sprockets. This adjustable tool is designed to both hold and turn...
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BuyUS $34.95