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Mini Gadgets Hidden Cameras Products

Hidden Camera - Bluetooth Hidden Spy Camera DVR
Bluetooth Hidden Spy Camera DVR
Looks just like a Bluetooth earpiece, no one will know that your discreetly taking color video recordings. Hiding a spy camera in a Bluetooth is clever. Not only will the LED indicator alert you to whether you're filming or not look right at home on a Bluetooth device, but they give you the freedom to talk to ...
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BuyUS $89.00
Hidden Camera - HD Bluetooth Hidden Camera
HD Bluetooth Hidden Camera
The brand new HC Bluetooth HD is perfect for police officers, secret shoppers, or anybody who needs to covertly record what they see. The modern design of this device not only looks exactly like any other Bluetooth device, but it also conceals a fantastic, HD, hidden camera that fits in perfectly to almost any ...
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BuyUS $129.00
Hidden Camera - Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock
Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock
The MCC1080Wifi is a great addition not only to our line of miniclock cameras, but to our Wi-Fi cameras as well. With the high resolution full HD video capture and remote viewing via smartphone, this clock allows you to easily check in at any time. The Wi-Fi functionality allows you to view the live video anytime ...
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BuyUS $129.00
Hidden Camera - Weather Station Hidden Camera
Weather Station Hidden Camera
The MCCWeatherStation is a multifunction weather station with an integrated 1080p high definition hidden camera. It can be used as a normal weather station to detect and show both outside and inside temperature and humidity. It displays the time, date and moon phase.
BuyUS $129.00