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Women's Vampire Queen Costume

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Women's Vampire Queen Costume
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You have been plagued by a recurring dream. You re in a huge, dark mansion. There are bat flying overhead, a crumpled crystal chandelier in pieces on the entryway floor. You re trying to run, but as you fly by the foyer, you see your reflection in the mirror--you re a vampire (which is weird because vampires don t have reflections, but this a dream, after all)!This is actually quite a common nightmare. We get thousands of inquiries--usually right about this time of the year--from ladies asking us what it means. So, here is our humble interpretation: you have vampire lineage, lady, and it s high time for you to take your rightful place in the realm of the night. In other words...move aside, Dracula, because there's a new vamp vixen in town! She s biting her way to the top and she s sure to send shivers down all her victims spines as she approaches in this Women s Vampire Queen Costume. We know, it s a lot to take in (there s a support group if you re interested) but the news is, actually, very good. Vampire heritage is hard to come by these days, and the royal line lives in you!So, you may want to start sharpening your fangs if you plan on duking it out with old Drac for Transylvania's top spot. We can outfit you in this sleeveless halter dress, lace gloves, and choker--but you ll need to do the rest. We have a feeling after you settle that score the nightmares will ease up, but of course, that s when the daymares may start to kick in! Happy haunting, your highness!

Brand: Leg Avenue
SKU: LE85435-S
Condition: new
UPC: 714718506388
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