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The Book of Charlie: Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club

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The Book of Charlie: Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club
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The family farm is all but gone in America. Large old barns comfort us - imposing bookends of forgotten chapters of rural Americana - reminiscences of our inexplicable dream to be home for Christmas toasting memories by a warm fire or familiar windowsill. Empty barns now speckle country landscape like impacted wisdom teeth - illustrating testament that people - farm families and country folk - not the cows, corn, chickens, wheat or apples were the backbone of core values that lifted a nation in a world of Depression and through a world at War. The Book of Charlie - Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club - captures a moment in time - rooted in rural America when kids followed examples of true American heroes - be they parents or presidents. It was a time they could walk among the villages, towns, and hamlets by short cutting through family farms, their green pastures, fruited plains and waves of grain the nation once celebrated in song. "". The Pompey Hollow Book Club returns...and thank heavens for them! A little older now, maybe a little wiser, the gang is caught between the wartime exploits of their elders and their own peacetime efforts to grow into adults. The result is kids ""doing good while praying they wouldn't get caught"" which aptly express the spirit of America from a bygone era. This spirit needs to be remembered -- that this remembrance is conveyed in such a charming package is a credit to Mr. Antil's compassion, pace, and communal sense of adventure."" Stuart Horwitz, Author of Blueprint Your Bestseller (Perigee/Penguin)

SKU: 23797651
Author: Antil, Jerome Mark
ISBN: 9780989304412
Book Publisher: Little York Books
UPC: 9780989304412
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