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SpaceTech KEY-28 Professional Cardioid Dynamic Key-Control Microphone with Black Mesh Windscreen

SpaceTech KEY-28 Professional Cardioid Dynamic Key-Control Microphone with Black Mesh Windscreen
Description:  The SpaceTech Key28 microphone is one of the most popular professional key-control dynamic microphone. A built-in key-control mechanism on the Key28 microphone includes a Sharp (#) button a Flat (b) button a Return button and an Once More button. When the Key28 microphone is connected to a sound equipment containing a key control function the sound equipment can raise or lower the key of the sound when the Sharp (#) button or the Flat (b) button on the Key28 microphone is pressed. The Return button on the Key28 directs the sound equipment to return the sound back to original key (tone). The Once More button on the Key28 microphone can direct a CD player to replay the previous sections of the music sound. The Key28 microphone contains a low impedance capsule with excellent transient responses and wide frequency range a rugged steel mesh grille and a rugged and durable zinc casing for extended life and durability. All the above features make the Key28 microphone a dependable key-control microphone which is readily accessible to everyone by offering the best values with an exceptional performance at a preferred and affordable price. Includes a 20 key-control microphone cable in a PVC box. Type: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Cardioid Sensitivity: 1.8mV/Pa @1KHz (-75 +/- 3dB; 0dB = 1V/0.1Pa) Output Impedance: 500 Ohms Frequency Response: 40 - 17 000 Hz
BuyUS $28.97