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The Red Tent (Barnes and Noble Reader's Companion)

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The Red Tent (Barnes and Noble Reader's Companion)
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Anita Diamant's bestseller ". The Red Tent" boldly reimagines the biblical story of Dinah, a woman who makes only a brief, tragic appearance in the book of Genesis. Diamant's controversial novel has fascinated countless readers and enraged others, who believe it takes too many liberties with Hebrew scripture. Learn more, and see what you think about this:
  • How much of ". The Red Tent "is really based on known biblical history?
  • Why did Diamant make the changes she made to the original biblical story?
  • Why is the story of Dinah so different when told from a woman's perspective?

SKU: 7195320
Author: Diamant, Anita / Spark Notes Editors
ISBN: 9781586638603
Book Publisher: Barnes & Noble
UPC: 9781586638603
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